Kickstarter project: The Method Lamp

The Method Lamp: A quarterly short fiction anthology.
Help them to showcase the work of talented writers across the globe.

A short story is a different thing altogether. A short story is like a kiss in the dark from a stranger.– Stephen King. 

The Short Story. Surely the underdog of literary styles. But why? While novels tell epic tales of love and war, fear and triumph, adventure and discovery, the short story encapsulates in a brief space of time the most powerful concepts, taking the reader on a whirlwind voyage of thought, pure imagination and uncluttered creative vision.

Short fiction is an inherently 21st century way to tell a story. It is concise, accessible and it can be enjoyed absolutely anywhere. Pioneering projects like The Method Lamp will serve to empower the next generation of authors, enabling new ways of seeing, doing and discovering. The ride starts here.– Chris Quicksilver, contributing author to the project. 

A beautiful limited-edition book of extraordinary short stories.

The Method Lamp aims to open a door for writers and readers alike, bridging the publishing void between a global wealth of storytelling talent, and a readership hungry for a different kind of fiction: concise, imaginative, exploring exciting concepts and ideas. 

A short story is a shard, a sliver, a vignette. It’s a biopsy on the human condition.” – Will Self. 

The Method Lamp will be published in February, May, August and November each year, in the form of a quality paperback book delivered to your door. By pledging just £6 to the project (+P&P), you secure one of 300 hand-numbered LIMITED EDITION copies of the first edition*, due to be shipped in February 2016. Or, by pledging £15 (+P&P), you not only secure one of the 300 first editions*, but will also have your name printed in the list of our ‘Golden Backers’ within the book itself. Only 300 copies of the first book will EVER be printed, and you can get your hands on one.methodlamp

*Unfortunately, books can only be shipped to backers in the UK, due to shipping costs. However, you can also back the digital ebook for £3, to read on your phone, tablet or Kindle wherever you are, forever!

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